Read what our students have to say

Claudia (GCSE Student)

" I would like to thank you ! Not only were you the greatest teacher I had ever known , but you were also a great role model ... "
February 2020

Lily (Italian executive)

"these have been not just English lessons but lessons for life"

August 2019

Alex (French History Teacher)

"To be honest I truly believe that you are the teacher who most helped me improve in that difficult field (pronunciation). I remember having improved dramatically "

February 2020

Matthew (GCSE student)

"I would not be where I am now without your encouragement and guidance. I was struggling and I was not in the best of places, however after being diagnosed with dyslexia the support you gave to me made my success possible. My future after university is looking bright. Thank you for everything."

Charlie (GCSE student)

"I just wanted to say thank you. At the start of last year I remember I was getting 2s and never had a thought in my mind that I could ever pass, but thanks to you my chances have increased a lot!"
March 2020

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