Education Matters is an educational cooperative of teachers. If you wish to book lessons for any of the following lessons then please email us and you can specify the teacher you wish to have lessons with.

All lessons are 25 minutes long so that they can fit into your busy schedule.

Education Matters can offer:

  • a free 25 minute trial lesson
  • General English - for a 25 minute lesson @ £20 per online session - payable by card or via swift transfer or through Paypal
  • Specialist or examination course English such as IELTS or the OET are £25 per online session - payable by card or via swift transfer or through Paypal
  • a paid-up course of over 20 X 50-minute lessons entitles you to a 10% discount
  • group courses for 4 students @ £10 per student per 25 minutes
  • payment terms are either 50% at the start of a course and then the remaining 50% midway through the course OR pay at the end of each lesson (no discount applicable)
  • we have English specialists who are musicians and music specialists who can support your language requirements
  • for English for professionals, or any of the EFL examinations  please contact us using the email:
  • for UK schools please contact Jeremy Lucas to discuss your requirements using the email:
  • for English for music please contact Jon Ewen or Geoff Sharkey
  • for Summer School Online for young learners please contact Marilla Miles Wilson
  • for any audio enquiries please contact  Jon Ewen or Jeremy Lucas
  • the Occupational English Test or OET  is for healthcare and medical professionals. All of our teachers are OET preliminary trained and approved by OET.  Please check the OET page and contact us for a personalised course plan and prices:

If you have any questions please contact us at:

English for Professionals

Whatever you want to achieve in learning English we will do our best to help. If you want to learn about the British culture or you want to improve your professional communication we can give you the opportunity to do so. Most importantly, we can support your linguistic needs whatever they may be.

The cost of these courses is £25 per 25 minutes.

We have a wealth of experience in teaching professional adults. We have a strong background in project management and commercial project bid writing and development. We can also assist you to prepare for a presentation or meeting.

Our experience enables us to have an understanding of both your linguistic and your professional needs.

We look forward to assisting you with your career progression.


English for Examinations

marnie Johnson and Jeremy Lucas have been teaching for English as a Foreign Language examinations since 1998. Jeremy was also an examiner for Cambridge and Trinity Examinations for over 12 years. Both Marnie and Jeremy have OET approved preliminary training.

The cost of these courses is £25 per 25 minutes.

The range of examinations preparation is offered for include:

 The Occupational English Test (OET) for medical professionals worlwide




English for UK Schools

Jeremy Lucas has been teaching English language and literature at secondary level, key stage three and four, since 2002. He has prepared for both OCR and EDUQAS examination boards. However preparation is offered for all examination boards.

A wide range of literature including; Of Mice and Men, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, An Inspector Calls and a wide range of poetry analysis and many others can be covered.

Jeremy has had a lot of success with those students who struggle with English and helped them to build their confidence.

Audio Services

We offer services to record and produce audio recordings for a number of clients.

Past projects include  the production of professional training such as for the Financial Planning Certificates and Insurance qualifications as well as a wide range of BBC and other radio projects.

Current projects include recording audio books for short stories for adults and children as well as professional training materials.

Please contact us if you would like us to quote for an audio project.

Learn English and how to play an instrument at the same time. There is no other organisation in the world that offers this service. Whilst you are improving your English you can also concentrate on developing your skill as a musician and learn the specialist vocabulary that is needed. There is a proven link between learning a language and learning music and it improves your brain! We can take you up to examination standard for your playing. A specialist music teacher will provide the training you require for your chosen instrument whilst supporting the language needs you have whilst learning. The instruments we teach  include; drums, voice, piano, flute, guitar (electric and acoustic) and bass. We can also arrange tuition in violin and other instruments on request. There is no extra cost for this, it is £20 per 25 minute lesson which is the same as all of our specialist English courses but you are getting double the tuition!

English for Young Learners

Education Matters have recently set up a collaboration with Camden Lodge School of English to offer courses specifically for young learners which is their specialism.

If you would like to learn in a small group with an experienced and engaging teacher then this is the course for you. You will be able to meet other students in your group or to learn with your friends. 

You will be able to learn in whichever way you choose. Either the more traditional method using drill and reading and writing exercises to improve your structural understanding or using the communicative method which will help to develop your fluency.

Either way, for teenage learners this is the best way to learn. If you require one to one lessons these can also be offered. For more information contact Marilla Miles Wilson at the Camden Lodge School of English.

Camden Lodge School of English 


The Education Matters English Group

The Education Matters English Group is a forum for you to be able to improve your English. You have the opportunity to have two 50 minute meetings every month with your peers and an English teacher sitting in. That gives you the space to share your thoughts with some of your peers, and also to discuss and check with an English teacher about any concerns that you have about learning the language. These meetings provide a place for structured discussion with professional feedback. It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to practice your English in a natural environment with access to a professional commentary on your language.

Limited Membership only for a cost of:

1. £20 per month for 2 meetings per month for general English
2. £30 per month for OET English.
3. £30 per month for Professional English.

There must be a minimum of 3 students and a there is a maximum of 10 students for each group.

in cooperation with the Bildung Tutors